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Here's all you need to know about our development teams

In everything we do, we believe in hassle free working processes. We believe that organizations can generate greater impact on society by being more productive.

A vision is essential to be able to focus our developers’ mindset - by having a beacon we can direct our energy towards the same future.

To unite and let everyone develop we strive towards a working/office culture that gives you an opportunity to work towards our vision whilst still having fun.

The purpose of this site is to give you a picture of what we want to accomplish (vision) and how we want to do it (culture), while describing how we define different roles, what techniques we use and how our leaders perform.

A big part of Stratsys moto is simplicity. We develop smart digital tools for collaboration on strategical plans. We call it work-life simplicity.

We develop our products and services to be intuitive and easy to use. Innovation is our middle name, and we constantly try to find new ways to simplify and improve our users daily life.

Simplicity is also essential in our culture. We are easy to work with, always keep our promises and are happy to share our knowledge with others.

Our team enjoy having fun and to inspire others with our passion for work-life simplicity.

We are very proud to have satisfied customers and know that Stratsys really makes a difference by simplifying their work-life.

In everything we do, we believe in hassle free working processes. We believe that organizations can generate greater impact on society by being more productive. We believe in building products which make users say: “I don’t honestly remember how I got something done properly before I started using Stratsys.”
Our PDR software platform is a toolbox where you can pick and choose between apps that are aimed to help you pursuing your strategies and goals. We design our apps to help our customers to increase productivity by measuring time-saving, quality, transparency and engagement. We make them easy to use, quick started and at the same time adaptable to our customers specific needs when their organization grows over time. Our apps are useful for everyone in an organization. We believe that Stratsys software amplify your efforts at work, making impacts on society you didn’t think were possible.
By being fully transparent in our PDR-process – “Plan, Do and Review”, Stratsys as a company is true to itself. We show everyone that we believe in what we do. Our solutions provide added value through generating best practice, cutting edge visualization of the PDR-process and by being the best of breed. By simplifying planning and cooperation in our users’ daily work, their experience of our solutions will be that it gives more than it takes.

We have an attractive workplace where we are known to have an awesome culture. A workplace that we can proudly recommend. We strive to become a diverse group of people that values our differences and listens respectfully to each other’s ideas. We really feel that each one of us is growing professionally and at the same time have a lot of fun doing it. Having the mandate to pursue our customers satisfaction with our innovative ideas in symbiosis of developing the proper technical solutions gives us pride in what wedo.

New employees become team member from day one. They will quickly notice how glued all teams are, one for all all for one, where domain knowledge is shared by all members.

We make sure our efforts by its impact to our users and it has transformed the way we think about output. We continually adjust our solutions in iterative steps based on what we learn, in the name ofsimplicity.

We are recognized by using state of the art technologies and we always promote to explore new things as long as it takes us one step further towards our goals and vision.

Our agile process is constantly scrutinized but we now feel that it reached a galvanizing state enhancing our efforts.

Good quality is our mantra and the amount of bugs have come to an all time low. Our platform has now been blessed by a minimum of legacy code, the code is easy to read, change and maintain, our platform is     a successful launchpad for developing new apps. We don’t think too much about release plans, instead we deploy when there is an added value for theusers.

All contributing things above gives each one of us a clear purpose that make us leap into our office eager to take on any challenge

See our roles and responsibilities
  • You get the opportunity to work with something meaningful that makes a difference for citizens
  • You will work in teams that focus on teamwork and having fun together
  • You have great opportunities to influence your everyday and also the direction of the products
  • We’re seated at an amazing office space overlooking Göta älv At Stratsys you’ll have great possibilities to influence
  • We offer our employees flexible working hours
  • We have a well-developed and individually customized benefit package We offer breakfast at work for you to enjoy together with colleagues
  • We continuously improve our leaders and measure their coaching abilities


Our team-based recruitment process

We believe in cross-functional teams and therefore in people with specialized skills in a certain area, but also that they are inclined to help the team with what is needed to achieve the best results together, in other words, T-shaped people (or skills). This is what our recruitment process looks like.

Management review and interview

The first contact with us will be with Samuel Spånberger and Anton Sjöberg at an initial interview, so as to not to burden the teams unnecessarily with preliminary stages. If the applicant finds our products and our culture interesting, and if we get a good sense of the applicant’s knowledge, experience and values, we proceed to Step 1 of our team-based recruitment process.


Step 1. Code test

The purpose of a code test is not to expose the applicant to advanced mathematical problems or algorithms, but rather to see how the person considers software development in terms of design, structure, readability, testability and maintainability. The test takes a few hours and can be completed at home in peace and quiet.


Step 2. Team review

This is where the team takes over in the process. The teams will get access to the applicant’s code test solution together with some background information regarding their education  and experience,  as well as Anton’s and Samuel’s notes from the first interview. Based on this information, the team decides whether they want to meet the person for a team interview or not.

Step 3. Team interview

Since we believe that software development is about cooperation with people with different types of expertise, it’s important to gauge the applicant’s ability to collaborate effectively. In the interview, the applicant and the team get the opportunity to assess each other’s skills and values, while simultaneously testing how easily they can communicate.

Teams get to make their own decisions about the person/role that will be added to their team. Human resources are never assigned by management. This means that the team has ownership over their group. They decide how their capacities need to be expanded. In the interview, the team has a chance to discern what the applicant brings to the table and how well they will be able to cooperate.

The combination of code test and team interviews has fallen well for us, with very successful recruitments so far.

4th and final step. Reference checking

Equally important as all above is checking the applicant’s references. We always talk with at least three references (preferably previous managers). This is the final step before we negotiate terms with the candidate.


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