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Team based recruitment

How to succeed in recruiting the right people in an agile world? Skills and experience is a factor, but another if not the most important is the ability to collaborate. We believe in cross-functional teams and therefore in people with specialized skills in a certain area, but also that they are inclined to help the team with what is needed to achieve the best results together, in other words, T-shaped people (or skills). At Stratsys we believe that the teams are the key to success in recruitment.

Management review and interview

Based on these values, we have formed our recruitment process as follows: the first contact between us and the applicant is either made by the applicant by applying for some of the advertisements we have listed or through any of the recruitment agencies we work with. The applicant will meet with Samuel Spånberger and me at an initial interview, in order not to burden the teams unnecessarily in a first stage. If the applicant finds our products and what we believe in interesting and we get a good picture of knowledge, experience and values, we proceed to the next step to conduct a code test.

Code test

The purpose with a code test is not to expose the applicant for advanced mathematical problems or algorithms, but rather a way to see how the person in question is considering software development in terms of design, structure, readability, testability and maintainability. The test is something you can do at home in peace and quiet for a few hours.

Team review

This is where the team takes over in the process. The teams will ge access to the applicant’s solution of the code test together with some background information regarding education, experience and my and Samuel’s notes from the first interview. From this the team decides whether they want to meet the person for a team interview or not.

Team interview

Since we believe that software development is about cooperation between people with different types of expertise, it is also very important that these individuals can collaborate effectively. Therefore, is an interview with the team a perfect occasion for both the team and the candidate get the opportunity to get to know each other while assessing each other's skills and values. 

This means that there is never a situation where management assigns a resource to a team. The positive effects of this are that the team gets ownership of their group when they decide how and with which skills and attributes they will be expanded with. For the candidate and the team there is some assurance that you will be able to cooperate in a good way because you had the opportunity to get to know each other already before.

Reference checking

An equally important part as all of the above is reference checking, we always talk to at least three references (preferably previous managers) and this is the final step before we negotiate terms with the candidate.

There is no self-esteem that management tries to distribute skills when it's the team themselves who know what they need. The combination of code test and team interviews has fallen well for us, with very successful recruits.

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